depth psychology

The focus of my psychotherapeutic education leans on the "Transference focused Therapy" by Otto F. Kernberg. Originally created for the treatment of Borderline personality disorders, it is also suitable when working with patients with neurotic or somatoform disorders.


Its essential idea is to make subconscious processes and controversial, repetitively occurring behavioral and relationship patterns conscious through the aid of psychoanalytic techniques and to enable the patient to process them by doing so.


It should be noted that such disorders develop over a long term of years and decades.


Therapeutic approaches need especially one thing: time. Rushed measures tend to stay shallow and rarely lead to success.


My depth psychological understanding also influences my psychiatric work. Nevertheless, I also offer exclusively psychotherapeutic counselings. Regular and high frequent consultations (50min twice a week) are crucial.


If you are interested in psychotherapeutic counseling, please say so before our first meeting when making the appointment. (At the moment I cannot take new patients for psychotherapy.)