In case of emergency

Emergency call Ambulance 144


Psychiatric Emergency Aid of the Psychosozialer Dienst Wien (PSD)

(01) 31 330 - 24hrs daily


Psychiatric Wards in Vienna and their respective responsibilities

(depending on your principal residence!)


Otto Wagner Hospital


1st  Psychiatric Ward (Districts 1, 4-9)


3rd Psychiatric Ward (Districts 17-19)


Hospital Hietzing


1st Psychiatric Ward (Districts 12, 13, 23)


2nd Psychiatric Ward (Districts 14-15)


Psychiatric Ward Hospital Nord (Districts 20-21)


Psychiatric Ward Hospital Rudolfstiftung (Districts 3, 11)


Psychiatric Ward Donauspital/Sozialmedizinisches Zentrum Ost (Districts 2, 22)


Psychiatric Ward Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Hospital (District 10)


Psychiatric Ward at the AKH Wien (no regional confinements)