As a Non-Social Health Insurance (SHI) accredited doctor of your choice, my bill gets in part paid by your respective social health insurance in Austria. After each consultation, I will hand you an invoice. Depending on your Social Health Insurance, you will receive a refund of up to 80% of the fee the SHI pays their SHI-accredited psychiatrists. Many private health insurances cover all of the costs.


The advantages of a Non-SHI accredited doctor are manifold: quick scheduling of appointments, no waiting time when coming to the practice, extensive and individual dedication to your concerns without crowds of other patients waiting outside.


Each invoice is to be covered in cash after each appointment. In cases of prolonged psychotherapeutic treatment plans, different paying modalities can be arranged.


Doctor's fee


First interview (50min): 150 Euros


Follow-Up consultation (50min): 150 Euros


Follow-Up consultation (25min): 80 Euros


Psychotherapeutic session (50min): 150 Euros


In exceptional cases, I will offer house calls in vicinity of my practice. Those house calls may also be available outside of my regular practice hours. Costs (50min + travel time): from 200 Euros up


Expert opinion on driving license: 350 Euros


Please note my cancellation policy


Cancellation up to 48hrs before an appointment is free of charge. In case of short notice cancellations under 48hrs, the whole fee will be charged.